More theme Dev.

Ok, no... this time I swear... It'll work... It has to... must link...

try this...

drat... RW wants to tells me whats to do... keeps changing the code for the pic from rel="lightbox" to rel="self" clearly you can see that problem with that... so I'll make my own little photo album page and take the HTML from that, then make a custom page in RW (so rw doesn't screw with the html) and then presto! Should work, give me a sec...

wait.... no.... thats bogus... hmm... aha! "tided" code! RW is trying to fix my mistakes! now I'll just go ahead and turn that off and presto!

What!? Noo! Damn you! Stop that! no rel="self"! No more I say!

Drat again...
Hmm.... Check out this line...

Perplexing, It did indeed keep the rel="lightbox" but then went ahead and apparently ignored it! perhaps if I rearrange it so that the rel statement comes after the title or have no title at all... like so

nope... Oh, this is frustrating... well, at least I got the page looking a bit different today, as you might have noticed, the old blue part is now purple... maybe I'll change that to red or green or something.... ( I found css files left behind in FreeJay) maybe I'll attempt my own.... who knows? but I'm tired of this for now...

Quick Check-in

Just wanted to say that the CylonBum Battlestar Countdown Widget is about to go live.... -er... It's actually been there a while, but noones downloaded it, presumably because they don't know about it... So I'm giving apple the heads up, and considering that this widget actually has some functionality, you know.... does stuff... they should be thrilled.. I mean, if they accepted the last one, they're bound to take this one too!

In other news, I'd like to announce my plans to build my own custom theme for the site, you know, instead of using all these cookie-cutter ones...

Well, thats it, night for now.

P.S. Just finished filling out the widget submission form, seems like everything in there has changed a great deal since I was last there, which is saying something cuz I was there mere weeks ago. This time they required an ADC log in, which I do not remember from last time, and seemed to have a stream-lined set-up for the submission of screenshots. (last time they instructed me to email it directly to them) Anyway, they have a cool new page for tracking all submissions I've made. Or rather, my mother has made... for you see, one must technically be 18 to obtain this elite status.... and I am a mere 17 years of age... reguardless, I've got stargate to watch Winking

~FatAlbert (my call-sign and alias)

The Search Begins

In an effort to better track project CylonBum's Success, research has begun to find every reference to "CylonBum" on the world-wide web. Saying that may sound old fashioned, "world-wide web" was a term used heavily during the popularization of the internet, to advertise it's size. Now-a-days that seems silly, people want the internet condensed, indexed and listed in order of importance. (Via Google) People should note thats not the whole thing, and though its debatable whether the use of search engines these days has indeed narrowed our view of the internet, I think you have to keep in mind the internet includes networks of such massive size, that scanning through it all might seem silly. Silly though it may be, it falls upon people like myself to bring to light information that might otherwise be hidden. So, I've started up my own little web-crawler. Much like Google, my computer is currently scanning the internet itself, searching for any and all references to the "CylonBum" project. Every page it scans renders new links to more pages that shall be scanned. As you might imagine, this whole process may take a while, but should render outstanding results that I shall share in the next few days. Just for a little taste of what's to come, so far the thing is up to 4600 pages, 58 documents. And just to clarify, I'm using the industrial strength search technology that is DEVONagent.

DEVONagent is something I intend to use for my next few posts, to render so hard facts built on a concensus of gosip, like that new iPod everyone's been talking about... Winking

UPDATE: The initial search is complete, and 62,341 pages have been found in connection with "ClyonBum" along with 133 documents. Needless to say, it will take a while to sift through all this information, but heres a cool chart thing of all topics found to be apparently in relation to CylonBum
Picture 2
Research continues into why exactly "CylonBum" relates in any way, shape, or form to the Quran... (the holy book of Islam)

A stroke of genius

Out of nowhere comes a brilliant idea. Alright, it wasn't totally out of the blue, but it was clever. I was working on the CylonBum widget, Trying in vain to get him to speak... When I realized Dashcode has a quick and easy set-up for making countdown widgets. So I slapped together a widget that counts down to the beginning of season 3. hooray! I'll submit it to Apple soon-ish.
Picture 4

In other news, I was working on the CylonBum Widget, like I said, working on getting him to talk, when I realized that though the current version cannot play the "ByYourCommand.wav" file included within it, It still has the damn thing. By taking it out I can greatly reduce it's size and save the MacDock people a little bandwidth. So I'll be releasing that soon. Maybe.

Referals on the Net

A few brief notes on TastyBuffalo's escapades on the webernet. Read More...

Mo' 'lons

A quick translation: More Cylons

Should I do a podcast? I guess I could...

Really, I think I could handle that... I'd have to take some time out of busy schedule, but that can be arranged... (not actually busy with anything)
so let me know, if you like the idea... comment, or e-mail me or something...