Not turning any leaves

So I'm not going to make any promises or say any of those stupid things a person might say, like, "Turning over a new leaf."
Because I think any true change is a process, and to simplify it as a binary condition of simply changed/unchanged is simply a means to ignoring the problem at hand. That said, maybe I'll start posting to my blog again. Maybe not, but I'll try. Oh wait, that sounds kinda like a promise.

Anyways, I don't know if I ever mentioned this here and searching through the entries would take well, really only a few moments... Ok, so now I've checked and I don't think I mentioned the twitter thing. Since everyone else is doing it, check this out: Follow Me

Beyond that, these days I've been playing fallout 3 and EVE. and have most recently considered playing through morrowind again and claiming its some kind of summer ritual. Which it isn't. Not really. Should be playing that game. Now.

Don't get you hopes up.

Just don't. It's never that great of an idea. If you notice any activity on this site, don't think it has anything to do with something. What it may be, is that I am starting a second blog, for the purposes of my politics class. Unless you're really interested in whatever cause I decide to champion, I wouldn't recommend you get too excited.

A New Hope

Ok, on a personal note here, I've been lazy with this whole site. And I've had little time or energy to devote to it. Or rather, little time or energy after you take into account all the many Xbox 360 titles there are to play. And all the sleeping I might otherwise do. Not to mention college applications and schoolwork. Anyway, I mean to turn over a new leaf this time, really I do. That said, you may have noticed some changes to the site. I'm in the middle of overhauling its overall appearance. During this transitional time, you may notice things don't look fantastic. Not to worry, I mean to fiddle with every last thing until I get it right. I can't be sure if anyone takes this blog seriously. In fact, I sincerely hope no one does. But if there exists such a person, I apologize for this site's overall uselessness, and sincerely hope that I manage to make it into something worthwhile this time.

Oh, and I've also upgraded to RapidWeaver 3.6! Huzzah!


I'm told it's a reference to some word used by some culture in Africa. Meaning something like World-Peace or something, it's a distro of Linux I've been hearing a whole bunch about. So, for some reason I decided to take it upon myself to instal it on my laptop. As far as I can tell, that part went well enough, or at least seemed to. I had the whole thing up and running before I realized that there's no driver for the airport extreme card in my laptop...
Well, with the internet out of the picture, my first true for-ay (sp?) into linux didn't go so well, and I've already got Tiger reinstalled on there. If anyone can think of a better distro for a 17" powerbook G4 with an airport extreme card and all, I'm ready and willing to try again. Also, I'd appreciate one with a Majong app pre-installed. That's all I got going on ubuntu but I liked it.
So yeah, any suggestions, go ahead and post a comment or something. Lord knows I get lots of those.

Cylon Sighting

It's clear to me that if this were ancient Rome, Eygpt, or something like that, I would have been declared a minor deity by now. (If not god of gods) Whilst writing my last post, It occurred to me that someone might have already done a widget to count down the days, hours, min, and sec until my beloved battlestar galactica returns to my television... (and computer and ipod for that matter) This is when I noticed there was but one other battlestar widget indeed, and it certainly puts mine in it's place. Curious about a group capable of creating such a refined widget, I clicked on a link leading to their site, I liked the first thing I saw, (being an apple fan) an ipod. but at some point I must have scrolled down a bit, for at some point I caught the shiny tip of something in the image in the post below the first. I did what can be best described as a double-take, for when I scrolled down to see.... there it was! ZOMG! It's my widget! they're talking about MY widget! This is fantastic! I'm overwhelmed! I feel like a celebrity! they even refer to TastyBuffalo! hehehe... This has been a fun moment for me. If you don't believe me, check the site or the screenie below.

Picture 1 18-22-11

Thanks a lot guys for your support! and thanks.... Greg Perkins!

Blade: The Series 2

Just wanted to let you all know, as I did cover the pilot of the series, that the pilot episode I mentioned as being free, is no longer so. It now seems to apear as two seperate episodes. as another note, there are two more episodes in addition to the pilot episodes. So, whereas it was once just one free episodes, it is now 4 episodes at $2/ea.

New Puppy!

We got a new dog named Lilly, I'm told she's at most 6 months old. So of course I could put some pictures on here... let me get on that...

Ok, super-cool Ajax page... least I think it's Ajax... hell, I don't know... but it looks very Web 2.0 to me...

Lilly's Super-Cool Ajax Portfolio (2.3MB)
or check out the few I put on flickr for kicks...
Tasty Buffalo's Flickr page

Quick update

Just some quick notes on the status of the CylonBum widget.

Also, if you're wondering where everything went from last month, they've all been moved over to the archive section to the left.... Labeled Jun 2006. That's where all the entries go every month.

Blade: The Series

-Mysterious Hero with Ultra-Hardcore ninja fighting skills: check.
-Sword: check.
-An epic task to complete: check.
-Sympathy Plot-Arc with some looser who gets shot to get everything going: check.
-Attractive Army Sergeant looking for the truth about her family member and or murder victim: double check.
-The Hero is shown to have a soft spot for a man/woman: Check. (woman)
-The woman the hero likes gets in over her head and now she's "on the inside": check.
-Fancy weaponry designed and maintained by an asian guy who sits surrounded by computer screens and talks the Hero through tough spots: check. Read More...

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