Mine Kompf: a Rant

Ok, so its happened again. No, not like the last entry, how I structured it like you knew what I was talking about before you did. Though that was cool. This time its the ISP again. You know, I've liked my Road Runner experience for the most part. Looking forward to college networks and their potentially fancier hook ups. (T1 maybe? Or is that the movie with The Governator in it?)
However, do to some tragically poor wiring in my house, the modem has always been troubled. More than that, sometimes it won't connect. Most of the time it seems brilliant. But then it'll go for days and not be able to connect at all. These past few have been those days. It sucks to be cut off from the internet when you're as addicted as I. (and I say that not only for comedic effect, but also as a blind faith admission to the public of the internet. I am addicted. Never expect me to say it so openly ever again, but I am. As soon as I step away from it, I have cravings for and the like. I miss it the instant I know I can't connect to it. I even get the shakes. well, almost... but enough of my darkest secrets.)
Not to mention that my house was apparently built as a hybrid domicile and bomb shelter combo. The range of WiFi signals within that damn place are to be disbelieved. I won't even bother to comment. I believe you're probably smart enough not to believe anything so fantastic and bizarre unless you see it yourself. And I'm certainly not inviting you over. Sorry. Even some of my closest associates have yet to step inside my dwelling. I like to think its because I prefer to be mysterious... but maybe there's another reason....

What I meant to say:
Oh, that's right... none of that was my point. My point was this: (and I love it because I feel so authentic for say something criticizing Apple's design) Why does the iPhone's SMS chat interface look just like iChat? Isn't that highly deceptive? Most texting interfaces make the whole thing out to be like having a mailbox. Or maybe sending things by messenger pigeon. I can agree, at least in theory, that their scheme to organize text chats in conversations make some sense. But as my own experience has exemplified, its not quite right. It makes it seem as if it's a continuous conversation without any accounting for time. It is not IM. Its only really an iChat look-alike.
In several interactions with my friends, I've had the problem arise that they don't see the conversation as I do, continuous and apparently lag-free. So I respond to something days later like I'm just picking up where I left off. They get confused. Then I get confused. Then there's the fact that I, as I think others do to, have a tendency to send shorter IM messages. Even cute little ones that are like: "lol" and thats it. When I think of all the text messages I've sent in small blocks instead of complete sentences or ideas, it makes me sad. Oh well, I'll fault Apple on that but still love them for everything else they do. Like the iPhone on the whole, for instance.

ZOMG! Proof of Apple buying Disney!

...when I everything is said and done the guy looks at the JBL box and says, "hey... want like, a bag, man? or... I got a handle thing..." or something like that and I'm like, "sure, why not?" and the guy pulls out this paper/plastic tape thing that he affixes quite quickly to the top of the JBL box when I suddenly do a double take.

There it is...

Right on the paper handle thing he taped on...

"Disney Store"...