In the process of writing the last post, I did a great deal of thinking. No, you wouldn't have noticed. I did it between little spurts of typing. Unfortunately I became so derailed by planning the future of the blog, I totally lost sight of the post I was writing. Not sure where I was going with that, but it's over now. Whatever it was that motivated me before is gone, to continue it would be to water it down. (and frankly, I'm much more excited about where I'm going with this now.)
So, I'm leaving the last post unfinished. Moving on... I started thinking about how I could improve the blog. Couple things came up:
#1: Make it more convenient for me to post. Even little things.
#2: Organize my thoughts in advance. Outline blog post ideas and links and such.
#3: Have someone else host it. That ought'a lower the overhead, yea?

So I started to write an outline of things to be done. Started to produce notes on posts I think I'll do. Haven't yet done this, but I plan to come up with a regular schedule for formalized posts, augmenting them with the little snippets my next host should facilitate.
Anyway, that's not the point. My point is that I've actually come to a decision! (for once) I'm moving the blog, if not the whole site eventually, to Tumblr! hooray! I plan to start the transition immediately. Transferring things may take a while, not to mention fiddling with all the knobs and switches and things over there on the Tumblr control panels, moving my domain... handling the issue of not having the email account at MacDock. I'm sure there'll be plenty to do. I should study for my AP US History final tomarrow, but this is a worthy diversion methinks. College is a time to find oneself. I've been doing a lot of soul searching and such. (My grades have suffered for it, too.) And I think writing is something I must do. I have these Ideas, you see... I find them at times most insightful and take great pride in them. I've come to realize this site has always been an outlet for all that pent up creative energy I have built up over these many years in high school without so much as taking ceramics.
I've come to realize, in this search for self, that I need to form my own ambitions and motivations. Soon I'll be without anyone to push me or guide my behavior, leaving me as my own guardian.
Oh, wait... I'm already 18 years of age... I guess I'm behind schedule...
Whatever the case, I've selected objectivism as my philosophical framework, prompting a an audit of all the values I hold to revalidate them through reason. This has meant a certain apathy toward to pursuits of questionable objectivity. My grades? I can't remember a time when they made me happy... etc. That's brought me to things like reading and thinking, and the realization that writing holds a lot of value for me. I want to be remembered, I want to prove my worth, I want to do my part to heal. All things I can tackle through writing. So putting this much effort into a diversion such as this blog has new meaning. It's a creative outlet that I know I want.
So that's that. Now I'll get to that time table item...

Blog Update

Still considering restructuring of the site. I fear I may be forced to leave much of it as it is, not wanting to break any links to files I've agreed (with Apple no less) to host. Also, I feel like I want to keep the blog intact. Many posts are useless, and I fear the whole thing may lack direction, but it is supposed to be a web log, right? There's a divergence in what it means to different people, as a medium, but I think principally it must remain an archive. A log is only so valuable as how much content it contains, and over how long a period it has been kept. So I do want to keep these postings. Though that may not be that hard to do. I'm probably making too much of it in fact. There are only 77 posts on here. How hard could it be to copy-paste them into whatever new service I may choose?
So then the question becomes where I'll host the new blog; and I have many thoughts on that. I see that while the Internet moves closer to "Web 2.0," it becomes clear that services like blog hosting can be differentiated to cater to an infinite number of niche groups. Thus have many blog hosts found new ways to style their service, and I think step 1 in finding a new home for the blog should be defining what I want the blog to do. On that point, I have a few clarifications to make: 1st off, I think I must make it as accessible as possible. I never know when the mood may hit me. That means I want a web-based form to post. RapidWeaver is great, iWeb has a lot of virtue, but I feel I've outgrown them both. The principle user of this blog is me. It's where I will vent, occasionally offer valuable opinions others might benefit from hearing, and occasionally offer advice and solutions as my own contribution to humanity. Maybe even produce some new idea. Sometimes I feel like my own, one man think-tank...