I feel I've become lazy

I recently topped 10,000 of those gamerscore things on xbox live. I think something is wrong with my G5's graphics card, and my keyboard's keys are sticking a lot. I camped out with the ol' boy scout troop 4 down at the La Jolla Rec. last friday. Got the wilderness survival badge... yippeee! Slept under a make-shift dwelling I've dubbed "The Huuudge" after an episode of Strong Bad email. Oh! and I made some iPhone wallpapers.... enjoy that. Also, I've been playing a lot of Dead Rising on my xbox 360, Kinda want to do some kind of review as I find that game most inspiring. Also recently got F.E.A.R. recently via gamefly, turned out not to be as scary as I had thought. (Quake 4 was more gruesome and prey was more mind-bending) I think I'm gonna go check for The Darkness at some local blockbusters, and if they don't have it I'll go down to the mall and get me one that way. Played the demo and really liked it. Actually, renting seems kinda lame.... probably want to buy it.... but certainly more economical... Bah, I'll probably stumble out of there with a title like "Bullet Witch". Anyways.... one of my wallpapers I entitle "Lava Lamp iPhone wallpaper" and the other I call "The drunken seagull" which I will admit is a lame re-hash of an earlier one, but common, I've got F.E.A.R. to play here...



Wow, I don't know what to say...

No sooner did I made that last post than did I return to find the below! creeeeeepppyyyy.......

Picture 2


Yeah, I know I need a life...

This may sound pathetic but I found this so funny I had to share. I got two of those ads that claim that I've won some prize, completely contradicting one another. Heh. I'm hilarious. Ok, I'm gonna go watch Bloodrayne the movie now... (I love you Kristanna Loken!)

Picture 1


New Seagull wallpaper

Tonight's addition is a seagull standing by some waves crashing against a rock. I'm thinking I might try putting the same seagull into other wallpapers with different backgrounds... maybe really absurd ones too... like space or something...



I Has a Bucket

The "I has a Bucket" Walrus is back! And on your iPhone no less!

Enjoy ye scallywags! (could that possibly be how that's spelled?)

Also, I'm thinking about doing a lot of these iPhone wallpapers... mostly cuz I've got nothing better to do. So maybe I'll start a iPhone wallpaper gallery. Or not! WHo knows!? that's the exciting part!



iPhone Wallpaper

Look, I did get the iPhone. Yes, it was the very day of it's release. No, I only waited 1:30 for the phone. Yes it is very cool and I love it, yes it does have its flaws. I really don't want to get into all that before I Have time to do a full review. What I will say now though is that I did get around to making some cool wallpapers for it. Enjoy. (Or don't, up to you.)

NB: To actually get them on the phone, what you'll need to do is get them in iPhoto first, (I suggest maybe making a "iPhone Wallpaper album) then setting iTunes to sync that album to your iPhone and it should all be there on the phone next time you try settings > wallpaper.

TastyBuffalo iPhone_thumbnailPirate buffalo_thumbnailCylon iPhone_thumbnail