New site features

I'm working on adding in a concise gallery of all my iPone Wallpapers, as well as implementing a strange new feature: The Codex. The Codex is where I plan to make a database of all my projects, and episodes, as well as define names for those who don't know, and serve as something like a dictionary of all the things exclusive to my world. It sounds pretty heady but I got the idea from Mass Effect, a game I should write a review on, but maybe later.

A New Hope

Ok, on a personal note here, I've been lazy with this whole site. And I've had little time or energy to devote to it. Or rather, little time or energy after you take into account all the many Xbox 360 titles there are to play. And all the sleeping I might otherwise do. Not to mention college applications and schoolwork. Anyway, I mean to turn over a new leaf this time, really I do. That said, you may have noticed some changes to the site. I'm in the middle of overhauling its overall appearance. During this transitional time, you may notice things don't look fantastic. Not to worry, I mean to fiddle with every last thing until I get it right. I can't be sure if anyone takes this blog seriously. In fact, I sincerely hope no one does. But if there exists such a person, I apologize for this site's overall uselessness, and sincerely hope that I manage to make it into something worthwhile this time.

Oh, and I've also upgraded to RapidWeaver 3.6! Huzzah!