Hello Again. Supplementary Mammoth Post Pt. 1

I know it's been a while... Sorry. Can't say I know who I'm saying sorry to, but in the event someone out there feels they need an apology, I more than happy to provide. So, can't think of much related to say... My thoughts on things... as they come to me... will have to suffice I'm afraid.

The reason I haven't posted recently is, in part, due to a long chain of ailments. But I'm getting over all that now. (I hope) And as one of the many steps I'm taking to regain control of my life, I thought I'd come here to reflect. Excuse they absurd may my train of thought may wonder.

First off, my hate for Microsoft and their many crimes. So rarely do I find myself a victim. (sarcasm) But this time I was really caught off-guard. Let me lend you a little piece of advice, most open-source projects, in my opinion, lack polish and stability, but quite commonly I find them indispensable as a swiss-army knife of sorts. Open-sourse means free of agenda, which is something many might overlook when considering software. But let me tell you this, there most certainly are certain agendas served even by computer code. I'm not talking malicious software, like spyware or viruses... What I mean to say is that, some software, though crucial to the proper operation of your machine, something you thought you'd already paid for in full, might be used to lure more money out of your pockets. Somehow that sounds like common sense now that I word it thusly, but it's an often over-looked sinister tendency for retail software to (gasp) earn money. Read More...