The Godfather

So, I didn't end up getting The Darkness as planned, seemed like to much of a hassle... what, having to leave my room and all. Good news was though that some of the games I sent back to GameFly actually made it for once! Hooray! They aren't stolen! So long as I walk several blocks and up a steep hill and drop off the envelopes in one of those fancy locked curb-side mailbox deals, they don't get stolen by the mysterious "Game Phantom" as I call him. (No relation to the Shoe Phantom that used to steal my gym shoes the one period I needed them and then put them back the period after back in middle school) (Although, now that I think about it.... there may be a connection....) Anyways... What was I leading up to? Oh! Right! I got The GodFather: The Game in the mail, and that turned out to be a great deal. Its like Saints Row but back in the 30s... or 40s... or whatever decade the GodFather took place in. So I really like that. But every time I drive through the Lincoln tunnel in that came, it reminds me of that sweet opening sequence of The Darkness. (Or at least thats how they opened the demo) So, Although I have both The GodFather and that um.... other game I can't remember.... oh right! F.E.A.R.! I'm stuck in that by the way... bunch of mean guys with particle guns keep shooting me from places unknown, taking me most unawares. Anyway, I'm going to order The Darkness online since I can then get some other stuff I need... like the Xbox 360 HDMI adaptor. (which disappeared from store shelves about the same time they released the Xbox 360 Elite, coincidence? Maybe; but I think not.) Anyway..... thats my update.... for now. Also saw The Simpsons movie, that was pretty good, I liked it.