Now I remember why I love summer

School has been a huge drain on me as of late. I know I said I'd do things, and I will... but getting back into school has been exhausting. Two quick things: The Wiki page I was doing for john is off, but I'm hoping to salvage my work on that and use it for a new site for my new Apple User Group at school. I'm not sure what the protocol is, but it would make sense that they want the clubs at school to re-file everything each year. So, I might as well take the opportunity to change the name at the very least. My registration with Apple never really got off the ground, so I suppose I'm not loosing anything but starting fresh.
Second, I just want to say, "why pre-order on iTunes?" I mean, it'll be in stalk, and they won't let you listen to anything...

Duty Calls...

A friend of mine, John, has asked Tasty Buffalo to produce for him a web site. So that means me. Of course, by Tasty Buffalo, I refer to myself. So, it seems both prey and the newly arrived Chromehounds will have to wait!

To the internet to find inspiration or something! Huzzah!

Well, I'm gonna contact him, but I'm thinking a wiki... been thinking about doing one o' thems... lots of benefits to that too.

I will of course keep you fine people posted... expect to see another post soon...

here I go...


According to my translation widget, that says "If you can read this..." in simplified han. I don't know how many of you (assuming someone reads this) Have tried typing in chinese on your mac, but let me tell you - it's fun.

This year I've been taking a course in Chinese, and I find it fascinating. I've been granted the gnarly chinese name: "Gold Dragon" to instill fear in all those I say "Ni hao." to.

Funny thing is, and this is my only real thought on this... it seems far easier to type the chinese characters than it is to type the pinyin form of the words. You simply type in english letters, no accents or anything, and a small window pops down below it with a list of characters it's found based on those letters. Or, whilst I have some other chinese dialects I have no knowledge of, it seems to pick a character for me. I don't know how that works or why... I also am in hopes that Apple's Ink technology might let me write in the characters myself, but I think I'll try and set that up later.

But if I want to say, type the pinyin form of the words with their tonal markings and all... Well, I have yet to figure out how to do that.

Anyway, I haven't played Prey in a while, and I must admit to having looked forward to doing so.

Maybe that's why

You know what they say, TiVo killed television. And if they don't say that... well, they do now. One of the distinctions made a lot these days when people quote ratings statistics is that they attempt to ascertain the number of people watching live. I can't personally fathom how they manage to separate those who watch live, and those who record it. Logically, and this is all based on my fairly limited understanding of the technology, but, is the TV tuner on the inside of a TiVo or one of Formac's EyeTV devices so different from one inside a TV? How could they know who watches live? Does the recorder somehow transmit information about itself like:"I AM A RECORDER - SEND ME SIGNAL NOW." Because that would make little sense. At the very heart of the problem is the fact that cable companies can't selectively deny digital recorders the signal they record. If they could they would, lets face it, but then how do they claim to know anyway? Surveys?

The only point I have to make is that recently SciFi seems to have been attempting something that could act as a measure of this: "And only viewers that watch LIVE can unlock secret bonus features on"

They've been trying that for a while now, and I even tried it once... it was kinda lame.

But it just hit me tonight, and I know this would be ludicrous but, could they be trying to use their bandwidth usage on those video files to try and track how many people watch live?

Now maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, (seems more than likely) but, though it would seem so clear that that's the only good reason to encourage viewers to go on the internet, that just can't be what they're attempting... can it?

Night all,


Remember When

Ok, in an effort to appear more studious I neglected to make a post yesterday. Sorry About that.


What to say about "Opening Day '06"...

Well, have you read the book Much Ado About Nothing? Yeah, that's it right there. Cliché I know, but that sums it up well.

Erhem, also, after that post about StarGate SG-1, I feel I should say something about this...

The Show has been canceled.

The timing of this could not be more bizarre, the show was by no means loosing steam, in fact, by the 200th episode, it seemed like the show was winding up for another 10 years on the air. Problem is, though the producers seemed to have handled the many obstacles to the show's continued success admirably, ratings were apparently quite low. They'd patched the hole that O'Neill's departure left, imagined an enemy so powerful as to seemingly trump all opponents prior. They had what seemed like a strong show that could last for a few seasons to come at the least, but then MGM said no.

And for this, though it may seem a strange connection, I blame it on the PS3. Sony seems to have made a mistake or to. Back in the days of stand-alone gadgets, they were the king. And it was their system of small groups of engineers working on projects of their choice that had made them what they were. But now as electronics evolve, we expect more. Perhaps we are all spoiled, but Sony's gadgets face relentless criticism as the consumer becomes more familiar with such devices.

"Why do I have to use this Sony memory card? Last time I got a new camera I just popped the new one in and started shooting."

See, Sony's research teams are fiercely competitive. I have no doubt that they have a hard time just trying to pick a standard for their own products, let alone consent to use the industry's. For this reason, they've been having a rough time of it. Though their products still show the same mark of quality design they are so well known for, the company may be on it's last legs. Sony's execs. pour money into pet projects, and they seem to have great difficulty working all as one as is common these days. The product the ailing company has come to lean on is by far the one they've screwed up the most.
The PS3 has yet to do anything but disappoint. At crucial moments, they have failed to deliver, apparently making a demonstration this last E3 almost identical to the one a year earlier, presented to the same crowd.

And that pissed-off their fan-base. With so much of the company's reputation riding on their marketing an impressive Gaming Console, It's hard to see how they could have screwed things up so much.

Right... where was I? Right... MGM.

Where and how does this effect StarGate? Well, first I should apologize, that was a bit of a rant before. But the point was that Sony, or more accurately, Sony Electronics, is in trouble. And what does any responsible CEO do when his publicly traded company is in such trouble? Much like the captain of a ship, he battens down the hatches. Orders his crew to "brace for impact!" Shatner-Style. And what is MGM to Sony anyway?

Last time I checked, MGM is a subsidiary of Sony!

Now you see! (or should by now) MGM, just like all of Sony's other assets has cash-leaks, in StarGate's case, not necessarily a major one, but they were under-performing. I'm sure it's a pet-project of someone. One of their Jr. Execs probably is a fan of the series or something. Regardless, with the company under fire, just breaking even isn't enough for any endeavor. (I'm assuming StarGate wasn't actually loosing them money.)

So Stargate didn't make the cut it seems. them troops were needed to reinforce the rear (lest they be taken a tergo). Of course by troops I mean money again. Heh, I always thought the AirForce should subsidize the show, seeing as it paints such a flattering picture of them. (they've given awards to cast and crew in the past.)

Of course, that only accounts for their part of the deal, MGM only owns the license. Since 2002 it has been SciFi network's responsibility to produce the show. Ultimately I suppose it was their call. Not MGM's...

But don't ignore that part about MGM having a part in this! I blame them for a lack of advertising!

SciFi network of course also hurt the Shows ratings when they decided to remove an anchor show for the series, BattleStar Galactica... Leaving SG-1 to stand alone against shows like the USA Network's Monk.

That hardly seems fair.

Stargate Atlantis HAS been renewed for another year, and I am thankful for that. If I had to pick one, I'd rather have the fresher of the two anyway.

MGM still has the lucrative StarGate license, and has plans for it. Things like their planned MMORPG: StarGate: Worlds and others. The franchise is far from dead.

And most inspiring for me, the team hopes to find a new "outlet" for their story to continue. The series on a new network? A StarGate Movie? (probably of the made-for-tv variety)

Finaly, I'd like to say that the episode that has done so much to boost season 10's meager ratings: "200", has arrived on iTunes, oddly renamed: "Remember When".

Oh, and one last thought, you know what other ailing company is behind SciFi's decision to cancel the show? None other than our friend Micr$oft. Yeah, thought you'd like to know.

School tomarrow...

Ah, The Bishops School for boys and girls (my shout-out to Coach Assaf) shall be opening its halls again tomarrow, much to the dismay of students, myself in particular. New things awaiting me this year include:

• Driving to school (damn people wouldn't even give me a damn parking spot >.< [my face as I think of this] starting to wish I had run for ASBC again, though then again... nah...)

• Finding places to park outside of school (not looking forward to that in the least)

• Taking a set of courses that have been referred to at least once as impressive (my mom)

• That cool new solar backpack (

And, ok, being a Junior in High School in general. But how does this effect the blog? the progress of Tasty Buffalo design? our meager output? Very little, or so I hope. The coming school year may make it very difficult to continue my work, research and correspondence via this blog. And I felt you all should know that. But, in all likeliness, it will if anything, cause an increase in all areas of my work for Tasty Buffalo. As I look for ways to simulate work without the effort of actually working, it makes sense I may write something in my blog, or finalize those T-shirt designs of mine. In short, I felt this deserved a good blogging, but you needn't be concerned. I'm also looking forward to use this site to share my schoolwork perhaps, or perhaps give you my thoughts on said work. I'm taking an english coarse that has a writing focus, perhaps my writing here may be a factor, I don't know. But I know this: though I have less down time to do things Tasty Buffalo related during the school year, I am far more productive with my down time while in school. So, like I said, if anything MORE will get done.

I also intend to make use of some software I found over the summer to increase productivity and organization this year. I didn't really have the chance to use the software over the summer, but now that I'll have a reason to use it, perhaps I'll write some reviews of the software I've found. (all mac only software I'm afraid)

Anyway, night all! I promise to write about the first day back at school tomorrow.


OMGs! So excited. Really. I'm practically shaking right now. When I heard of this, I rushed to see their page on iTunes, seeing that no reviews had apparently been written, I wrote my own... By the time I was done I was far from the first it seemed, as there were 73 reviews. It's already gained the prestigious 4.5 stars, which, as I reckon is as high as it ever really goes. I mean, we all know how it is, people pleased with something seem to have far less incentive to say something as the people who just want to complain. For the most part though, the only complaint has been about iTunes not yet having seasons 1-9 as of yet, which to my mind seems unfair. The intention wasn't to rate the iTunes Music Store, or really even the price, it was to discuss the show. Of course, we all know iTunes went to hell when the PC crowd got in on the thing but oh well... Winking Anyway, they have only Season 10 right now, which as far as I can see, makes perfect sense. In the first season, they shot probably with the idea in the back of their heads that they'd ship it out later on VHS. With the advent of DVDs I imagine they had to go back and re-master them to make the best use of this new technology. Now, though it seems like you couldn't go wrong distributing a TV show on iTunes, (costs nothing to send it electronically to people, caters to those who either want to pick their favorite episodes or are too lazy to go to the trouble of buying the DVD box set, and most of all, takes back some of their losses due to piracy, catering to the people who pirate the episodes out of convenience and still have a conscience.) But you most certainly can screw things up if the audio and video for a lack of a better word, sucks. Now this means, and I can't say I know what exactly is involved, that they would be best served by going back to the master copies and doing whatever necessary to bring the best posable product to market. In season 10's case, they undoubtedly shot the show knowing they would soon launch on iTunes, so that's why thats there. I have no doubt that the SciFi network intends to bring the other seasons online as soon as they can. And I really must applaud the efforts of the SciFi network as of late. They have been experimenting with all sorts of new-age ways to interact with their audience, and this move to bring perhaps the most successful show they've ever had to the realm of internet download, in my mind means they've decided that iTunes is indeed a good medium for them, and that they will doubtless bring some of their newest additions to iTunes soon. Which makes me happy. Anyway, I've got some StarGate to watch.

The only concern I have is how the new episodes with my own collection in iTunes... My uh... totally legit StarGate collection in iTunes...

I'm giving up

On this damn game. It isn't worth the 1000 gamerpoints. Besides, I think I got 200 out of it. That's plenty. Playing this game any longer would only serve to drive me closer to the brink of insanity.

Thus begins my review of Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Game.

You know, saying this was a movie tie-in game would be to demean all other movie tie-in games. This game was at best inspired by the movie. Most of what seemed to be happening was just made up. And what they made up got recycled so often it was like playing the first 15 min of the game again and again and again.

Good points? Well, ok... here's a few things I liked... sort-of. Ok, I liked the whole deal where your weapon isn't always on screen, makes it more like a movie experience and all. But perhaps thats one of the flaws of the game, that it tried to be like a movie. Ever since video games went more mainstream, they've borrowed heavily from a more respectable medium: film. Many games even to this day use in-gmae cut-scences to relay plot info to the player. And as a concept I don't think all cut-scenes are all that bad, but they are a fall back on that medium from which video games have borrowed so heavily: film. These cut-scenes often rob the player of control for a brief period, which when I think about it, makes little sense. I mean, games are about playing, not watching. But in the traditional mainstream game, the linear plot line doesn't lend itself to player interference during crucial moments in the story. Thankfully, this is something I have seen declining in use over the years. One day maybe none of the games we play will use these tricks to direct the plot, relying on the player to essentially get from point A to B on their own.

That all said, this game was not one of the futuristic play-driven games. Using for the most part highly scripted events, king kong leads the player on through an impossibly unlikely set of scenarios almost none of which seem to have come from the film. Another thing they use to make the game more movie like is having nothing like a HUD or GUI on screen. not even so much as a health bar. You hit the "B" button and the character you often play as, Jack, shouts out how much ammo he has. (which makes for a lovely opportunity for someone to respond, but no one says a word.)

Much of the game seems to revolve around solving painfully simple puzzles under the threat of impending doom. Also there is some FPS element to this madness, as you do a lot of shooting, but to call this an FPS would be to imply this element might have been fun or something... which it wasn't. The name of the game when it came to shooting was, hit them as many times as you can 'til they die. You can't know for sure what your status is, as you'd need to hit B a bunch of times and then listen for an ammo count. There really doesn't appear to be a concept of health when it comes to the player's avatar: Jack. It seems if you get hit, there"s some red flashes, some wailing women soundtrack, and you stumble about trying to kill whatever just hit you. If hit during this drunken state, you die.

That fighting I just mentioned is terrible. Often I'd be frustrated with how little it seemed I could have done to save myself given the circumstances. But it wasn't as poorly done as the chapters you play as Kong himself. The camera was fixed, yes fixed... though they probably couldn't have done much better, it was miserable. And playing as Kong consisted of pressing he right button when they said so. Not much else to say, other than whoever did Kong's face deserves to be shot.

Why Would HoverRound Advertise on SciFi?

They make power chairs. You know. The kind they make for those too old to get out of a chair and walk. The kind I didn't think would be watching the SciFi Network today during their StarGate Marathon.

Anyway, I just wanted to inform my readers... or reader as the case may be, that tonight Richard Dean Anderson makes an appearance on both StarGate: SG-1 and it's spin-off series StarGate: Atlantis.

And on top of that, Snakes on a Plane comes out today! (as if you didn't already know) Speaking of which, I must say that I love the title track of the Snakes on a Plane album. Though the fact that the song is "Album Only" makes me consider the nefarious act of music pirating.

As a side note, during the last episode of Stargate: SG-1, was that Red Stripe they were drinking in Colonel O'neill's cabin?

Also, planned projects in the near future include:
-Read the Grapes of Wrath
-Finish Peter Jackson's King Kong on the xbox 360
-Beat N3 (Ninety-Nine-Nights) on the 360 'box
-Maybe write a quick review of both?
-Tutorial on getting doom to run on your ipod? (it's been done tho)
-Next Draft of T-shirts I may even end up selling on the site or something.

I intend to write many reviews of many things... yeah, that might be fun. So check back soon for some totally unbiased xbox 360 reviews and stuff.

Heh, woops...

Well, that file I mentioned earlier, the DsktopButtons thing from the apple store, yeah... about that... See, best I can tell, it's only really part of the equation. Which, come to think of it, makes a barrel of sense. For you see, I myself did indeed have a little trouble wrapping my head around how that little applescript could produce the whole GUI to it... and indeed, as far as I can tell, the missing element was something found in the applications folder. Something going by the name, "Concierge". To be specific, it is this line here that makes me suspicious...


Yes yes, quite clearly something I don't have. Out of 216 applications in that folder, not a single one goes by that name. Anyway, I may get back to this later, I may not... But for now I'm taking it off the downloads page, because it seems useless. anyone who feels they need it may email me. G'night all.


Oh, one more thing...

I was just browsing around for some cool new pics for my gamercard and all when I came across a reference to Bomberman: Act Zero. I was like, "oh yeah! I wonder when that comes out..." and ended up watching the most pathetic trailer I've ever seen, or more specifically heard. After that whole "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" fiasco, you'd think the japanese would have learned to hire better translators! But no!

what's even worse is the voice doesn't work at all for this, it's hard to imagine how they didn't notice that. anyway, that's up for download too if you want it.

It's hilarious... what did it say again? you know.... at the end? oh, thats right, "The Earth of the despair that arrived at the end of a fight"... I'm not sure thats a complete sentence... least not in english... hard to see how that'd work in any language... wait, do the japanese not need to finish their sentences? This deserves investigation!

A pox on all things microsoft!

Rise up my macintosh, linux, unix, BeOS... err... and other operating systems not microsoft product brethren! Soon the world will be ours! Or at least this much, NOT THERE'S! Mwhahaha!

Regardless of what you think of M$, you're plenty welcome here. I just felt the need to counter-balance my GamerCard up and over there... Yes, sigh.. I own a 360Box and no I don't want to talk about N3 right now. I just have to come clean here. Though my dollars may be feeding the evil empire, (though supporting a product that has done nothing but loose the company money doesn't feel so bad) I must admit I'm obsessed with this "GamerScore" thing of theirs! Most impressive for such an unimaginative group.

Anyway, back to King Kong, and before you ask, yes it's a terrible game but it's just so generous with its GamerPoints! mwahahaha!

Ok, it got old...

Yeah, yeah I should have known better than to think MegaMan Effect wouldn't get old pretty quick. Anyway, it did just moments ago, and sadly I killed it. Quitting it just wouldn't have given me the same amount of satisfaction. I went in terminal, tracked down it's pid via the top command, and entered the friendly sequence kill 2545 and poof! MegaMan Effect was no more! So sad.

In utterly unrelated news, today I went and picked up Ninety-Nine-Nights only moments after it arrived at the local Electronics Boutique. Literally. No joking even. I got there early to beat the crowds at the mall (as is my custom) but was foiled again as I had arrived under false pretenses (as is also my custom it seems). I had apparently arrived but an hour too soon. the man behind the counter assured me, that was the one thing that hadn't yet arrived, but would most likely do so within the hour. So I had an hour to kill at the mall. Tried to call my mom, phone was dead (wish I had a solar backpack). So I go over to the pay phone where a strange man talks to someone in what sounds like french. The damn thing ate $1.50 before I gave up, assuring me again and again all I needed to do was to drop in another fifty cents and my call would go through... urgh... finally did find a phone that worked outside where a man persisted to try and sell me some kind of cell phone accessory.

Later though, whilst "killing time" I found myself at the UTC Apple Computer retail store, playing an assortment of ipod solitaire and Big Bang Chess. During this time I became curious as to the nature of the application Apple uses to display those funny buttons on the desktop of their computers. In case you are not aware, they have these five or so buttons back the for things like concierge and and sign up now! And what have you... I became curious to the point I tracked down the application with the aforementioned top command (adding the -u flag for flavor). Then, having isolated it's name found it's home in the library with a timely use of our friend Mr. SpotLight. (for users of the PeeCee, SpotLight is Apple's fantastic integrated search technology.) Whipped out my Swiss Army Knife (with USB flash drive), and downloaded the app.

I can't think of any practical use for it, but I'll make it available for download.

And last but not least, when I got home with Ninety-Nine-Nights in hand, I logged it into my library immediately. (had to give the linkage props to them too)

Neways... I've got some evil something-or-others to slay... catch ya next time folks!

~FatAlbert (my internet pan-handle)

You'd think it'd get old...

But it doesn't. I'd just like to spread the news about my latest internet acquisition: MegaManEffect. It's really quite hillarious. Every time you launch a an app, there's a full screen animation introducing the app, with the music and style of the intro to MegaMan's arch rival.... ol' whats-his-name. Anyway, check it out here at

I feel so informed

Apple insider has been offering a live feed direct from the keynote presentation at Apple's WWDC '06. Among a lot of info about the convention itself, including attendance numbers, Apple has completed their transition from PowerPC to x86 chips (intel) today. Announcing a fantastic new replacement for the PowerMac G5 the new "Mac Pro" as it's being called uses intel's "woodcrest" chips, as some have speculated. It appears the cooler processors have allowed apple to stick in a whole slew of extra expansion slots and drive bays. The Mac Pro is said to conform to the aesthetic of the G5 but with a second optical bay. And though I didn't see them mention it, I'm assuming an IR sensor somewheres for interaction with apple's remote. The new systems are supposedly 1.6 - 2.1x faster then their predecessor's top configuration: The G5 QUAD. That makes it more than a little faster than the rig I've got here... (heh) I also believe they've introduced something impressive in their Xserve Line, though I'm fuzzy on the details as I was busy dreaming of the Mac Pro. I may write more later, but you can check it out here for yourself. And be sure to check apple's site for a webcast of the entire thing later today.


Picture 1My favorite japanese freeware browser based on the WebKit engine recently released a version 2.0 beta! OMGs! (Oh My Gods) Its gnarly! I just got it running so there isn't much to say, but taking one look at it, I'm stoked! OMGs... OMGs... Ok, gotta look at this objectively for my readers...

I see... I see...

well, the buttons are sexier... the tab browsing now has little thumbnails... ala OmniWeb if you ask me, 'cept they're down the bottom edge instead of the left.

ZOMGs! and the history and bookmarks buttons bring up ultra-sexy overlays! OMGs! There's a "shelf" button that brings up a more traditional bookmark manager too. (drool) And so like theres this other button next to they're "page dock" where they've got all those thumbnails, and it brings up all the pages at once and lets you select one in a fancy-pants overlay thing, ala exposé!

And... And....

it crashed!? Nooooo! Shiira Build 060803!!!! .... you were too good for this world... may you rest in peace...

Huh... thats not the only thing... looks like the google search bar doesn't wanna work either... and it won't accept incoming URLs from other apps... Ok, so..

In conclusion, you should avoid downloading the ulra-unstable build of shiira 2.0. You may ponder it's new features, behold it's screenshots, but don't bother using it... quite yet... Thats all I can say. The current nightly build is a little... well, off... but go ahead and try the last stable build if you haven't shiira 1.2.2!!!

Project: LazyMan

I've recently made great strides in my quest to have my entire world on remote control. One acquisition made to reach this goal was the purchase of several Inteon devices a few months back. Or rather, I was granted the devices as a gift to honor the day of my birth. The best way to think of them is that they're basically like the clappers you've seen on TV and may actually own. (My friend matt has one hooked up to a black light for an instant night club-like feel.) These devices communicate through a system I have yet to fully comprehend. It seems they use the circuitry in the walls, perhaps using tiny fluctuations on power to broadcast their signals. Facts to support this are that a) it is suggested they not be used in the presence of halogen lights, (suggesting they may interfere with more fickle devices) and b) devices that use RF signals to communicate are also available, to cover areas that are on separate circuits.

That may seem to make it fairly obvious to some. Of course it does stand to reason that if they need RF signals to bridge between circuits they must be communicating that way... But why then does my surge protector not inhibit their communication?

Regardless, that's a rather moot point as they do indeed seem to work and thats fine by me.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes... In adherence with my mother's wishes that I carry a phone with me whilst I drive, I had to unearth an old friend: My N-Gage QD. Having really only be a novelty at first, my automated lighting has taken on a whole new importance for me with the magic that is Salling Clicker. I had tried the software in the past, but hadn't seen any features so impressive as to make me buy it. It offers control of your nearby mac via your bluetooth-enabled phone. After a quick installation, I noted the feature that first turned me on to this latest feature: Media Remotes. While in the past I remembered it having some ability to interact with the system volume and even move the cursor in one of four directions, it now seemed to offer so much more. While the iTunes controller is fabulous and worth buying the software alone, I found the software interacted with another of my more recent acquisitions: EyeTV; and in so doing, solved a problem of mine.

For you see, my computer and entertainment system are on opposite sides of the room, and subsequently facing each-other. Over by the television lies the cable TV line, my xbox and 'box 360, along with the TV now solely for the xbox duo. By installing the EyeTV 250, my goal was to bring television to my computer screen, and in so doing enable myself to record various television shows. But, since the EyeTV device, with it's internalized IR sensor is behind me, what I'm watching is in front of me. Most vexing. But, by using the N-Gage and its bluetooth connection, it doesn't matter which way I'm facing!

Now to one of my favorite parts: Lighting. By installing some simple scripts on my phone, I can control the Indigo software on my computer, which intern activates a strange Insteon device labeled the Powerlink mark 2, and sends those fairies through the electrical lines and to the various "clapper" devices and thus controls the lights in my room! huzzah! It really is most impressive...

And look at that... it didn't seem to mark "huzzah!" as a spelling error... curious...


Looking into what seems to bring people to the site, I've found out just now that most people seem to find the place whilst searching the term "blade" yes, blade. Maybe I've used the word a few times but I find it bazaar that this should be a major draw to people. Regardless, google and it's ilk seem to be dead on the money when it comes to cylon and buffalo, and that christa businesses is ironically related to blade but comicly misspelled as it was really supposed to be Krista instead... woops... Lord knows who or what christa is or why people should come to my site for it.

Picture 1