Ok, so, since I'm lazy and forgot to do so yesterday, I'll say something about my campaign here at school. I've been trying this whole "viral marketing" thing out and it seems to work just fine. My posters are all just letter size pages with "Cameron Davidson" written in size 72 font, dead center. With a few of my little poster-deals I got creative... One just says "Vote." And another, which has received much hype from middle-school boys, reads, "[2.Trade][Cameron]: Lvl 70 resto student LFG ASBC PST"

Also, what could be as soon as tomorrow, though I can't say for sure, will be the publishing of a 275 word address in the school's underground newspaper, "The Daily Urinal". The Urinal, or the "DU" as its often called, does what one might think it would do, publishes their daily articles above the urinals in the school's restrooms. Sorry bout that, really into appositive clauses right now. Anyway, so since I'm too lazy to come up with something else to put up here, I guess I'll just paste in what I wrote for the DU.

And here it is:

First I'd like to say what an honor it is to be syndicated in such a way... above this urinal. I'd like to take some time, if I may, to tell you what to do. You should vote for Cameron Davidson in the upcoming ASBC elections. Handsome as I, Cameron Davidson, am, I think there are still those who, as well informed as they are, have yet to decide who, among the many candidates, to give their vote for ASBC president. The answer is, as you may have guessed, that appositive clauses, amusing though they may be, can become rather vexing if used too often. That, and that I am the candidate to choose. Evidence supporting this claim need not be mentioned, to do so would be to waste your time.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to save myself some time, as well as yours, and answer some of the questions I get from the many politically minded students that populate our campus. First and foremost, though none have yet been so bold as to ask anything so specific, I'd like to address my generalized solution for all your problems, real and imagined. My solution is a careful mixture of robots and duct tape. Robots mainly for dramatic flair, and the tape to put everything back together when the epic robo-battle is over. And before you ask, my watch displays the time in Japanese kanji, my backpack charges a battery, and my belt buckle is from I do these things because they amuse me, no other reason. Vote for me. If our roles were reversed, I swear I'd vote for you.

And so there you have it. Also, I'm planning on making a campaign promise to sponsor a student run forum. As in online forum. You know, discuss school and other things... Maybe even let the faculty on if they nice. It'll be damn cool. And if it comes down to me doing it myself, I'm totally gonna host it off of here. Just so you know. Not as if that really should concern you. But I think its a sweet idea.


Yet another attempt at reviving my now somewhat defunct blog. I've decided that perhaps it should be a bit more personal. (It wasn't already?) Not in that I have been blogging about things that actually might come across as important, but like, I think my main excuse for not making any entries is that they seemed stupid and unrelated. So now I am officially restating the purpose of the whole thing, it's all about my thoughts on anything. Nothing in particular. Ok? So maybe I'll do more with it.
So to get the ball rolling, lets discuss something vexing and something exciting going on in my life right now. The vexing part would be my many trials in trying to get the internet to make friends with my wireless router again. And as far as exciting, how 'bout my campaign for student body president at school?
Ok, so as far as the router goes, first I'd like to say that the internet, and telecommunications are mysterious things. Not in that they don't have scientific explanations, but in that sometimes there is no definitive answer to any one particular problem. Sometimes the solution is to restart things, or unplug them and plug them back in again. It's kind of a voodoo science at times, and when you fix something and someone asks how, or what was wrong in the first place, all you can tell them is not to think about it too hard. But I've been looking into this for a while, and while I cant, or don't want to assume that I'm clear on any of it, I think I know what's going on. Sorta.
My Apple Airport Extreme has always been a nice router. Sweet features like a USB port for your printer and WDS for wireless networking goodness and all. And, though the connection is a bit weak, I can blame this on some level on my dad's PC laptop. The damn thing couldn't connect to the network because windoze doesn't support the kind of security I had on it. Easy enough I thought, Apple provides great tools for administering their routers and all, I should be able to change that setting and get back up and running everywhere without much effort. As soon as I reset the router, it began. I couldn't get the router to connect at all. Computers could get on the network, that much was working, but the router couldn't get online. So I went through the classic and tedious process of turning absolutely everything off and bring it back up one at a time. I guess the theory is that modems and routers and computers all go through their initial network set-up as they boot-up. No dice. No dice for what feels like more than a month. Maybe more.
Of course I can get online with a little work. Each computer, my Xbox 360, my G5, my Powerbook, all of it can get online with a little work. (mainly restarting the modem) And the reason why is a bit complex. But why the computers can and the router can't is something, that, though hard to believe, is easy enough to explain. The nature of the internet is that everything has an IP. That's how servers and personal computers know who's who. And on a network like the internet, that's determined by your ISP. The network being an ever-changing thing though, it becomes a lot easier for your ISP to keep you connected if you don't mind what your ISP is. Thats what we call a dynamic IP. And in some ways thats cool, maybe that keeps people safer on the internet, having their IP change all the time, but if you want to host a web page off your home computer, you'd need one that didn't change for instance. That's what I have, a dynamic IP. My IP changes. And to keep up with that, my computer checks with another server on the network to find out what its new IP is. This is the DHCP lease. The computer goes and finds out its own IP, without it, you aren't going to get anywhere. My various computers all manage to resolve the DHCP host, renew their DHCP lease, and get on the internet with their shiny new IPs. The router doesn't. It gives up, or "times out". It goes and makes the assumption that there's no use in trying to get the IP, and gives itself its own, non-functional one.
So thats where I am with that. And I feel tired of typing right now, so I'll get back to you on the campaign thing. Oh, and if my problem is one you think you can solve, feel free to leave a comment or something.